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Late Nov. 2016 I got the chance to hit the road with the great Bilal Oliver. After being on tour with Lauryn Hill for a year and a half, this gig was a breathe of much needed fresh air. Not only was I playing the music of an artist I was a serious fan of, but the vibe on the gig was so tranquil, family like even. I met his wife and kids, taught his son trombone, and arranged some dope horn parts for the master of R&B/Jazz fusion. Bilal is a pioneer of Neo-Soul and such an important part of the culture. It was such a blessing to be on his team.

Dave Chappelle, Fred Yonnet, Snoop Dogg

2017! Presented so many challenges but was highlighted with one of the best Jobs I ever had. I was offered the opportunity by Fred Yonnet to be apart of Dave Chappelle's Juke Joint. Little did I know I would be on stage with Robert Glasper, Yassin Bey (Mos Def), Jon Baptiste, Chance the Rapper, Estelle, Mike Phillips, Wu Tang, Erykah Badu, Snoop and so many more. It was like every show I got to play with an artist I've always wanted to play for. In a horn section with Mike Phillips and Lee Hogans two former Prince band members I was humbled and flattered that they trusted me to arrange the horn parts . I was like " Noooo sir! Yall got it!" Every city we rocked was a new adventure and by the way Dave is cool AF!

Matthew Hartnett & The Gumbo All-Stars finally went on tour... 3 times in 2017! Since I was with Dave Chappelle only about once a month, I had time to focus on my own group and get us on the road. We did a spring, summer , and fall run. The highlight of the year I think was doing our first international music festival at Black Sea Jazz Fest.

2018 has mostly been DAD life. Taking much needed time to only be a parent and not much else. My son is why I do it all and honestly this life affords me the time to really invest in him. There was this one memorable

moment when I did the MTV VMAs with Panic! At the Disco. I guess work never really stops.

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